Installation and usage of the platform

gRPC: information about transaction according to their IDs

To get information about a transaction by its ID, two requests described in the contract_transaction_service.proto file can be sent to the gRPC interface of the node:

  • TransactionExists - request for the existence of a transaction with the specified ID;

  • TransactionInfo - request information about the transaction with the specified ID.

Both requests require entering the tx_id parameter - the ID of the transaction for which information is requested.


The field data types for the request and response are specified in the protobuf files.

The response to the TransactionExists query:

  • exists - Boolean data type: true - exists, false - does not exist.

The response to the ``TransactionInfo’’ query contains the following information about the transaction:

  • height - the height of the blockchain at which the transaction has been sent;

  • transaction - name of the transaction.

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