Anchoring settings

If you are using the anchoring option, please, configure the anchoring unit. targetnet is the blockchain network which will be used by the sidechain node to send anchoring transactions.

 anchoring {
 enable = yes
 height-range = 30
 height-above = 8
 threshold = 20
 tx-mining-check-delay = 5 seconds
 tx-mining-check-count = 20

 targetnet-authorization {
 type = "oauth2" # "api-key" or "oauth2"
 authorization-token = ""
 authorization-service-url = ""
 token-update-interval = "60s"
 # api-key-hash = ""
 # privacy-api-key-hash = ""

 targetnet-scheme-byte = "V"
 targetnet-node-address = ""
 targetnet-node-recipient-address = ""
 targetnet-private-key-password = ""

  wallet {
  file = "node-1_mainnet-wallet.dat"
  password = "small"

 targetnet-fee = 10000000
 sidechain-fee = 5000000

Anchoring parameters

  • height-range - the number of blocks which is used as an interval between anchoring transactions to the Targetnet.

  • height-above - the number of blocks in the Targetnet after which the private blockchain node creates the confirming data-transaction containing data from the first data-transaction. We recommend specifying this value that does not exceed the Targetnet maximum rollback depth max-rollback.

  • threshold - the number of blocks subtracted from the current height of the private blockchain. The anchoring transaction sent to the Targetnet includes the data from the block at height current-height - threshold. When the value is 0, the current block is anchored. We recommend specifying this value close to the private blockchain maximum rollback depth max-rollback.

  • tx-mining-check-delay - время ожидания между проверками доступности транзакции для анкоринга в Targetnet.

  • tx-mining-check-count - максимальное количество проверок доступности транзакции для анкоринга в Targetnet, по выполнении которых транзакция считается не поступившей в сеть.

The distance between anchoring transactions may change depending on the mining settings in the Targetnet network. The specified value height-range sets the approximate interval between anchoring transactions. The real time of falling anchoring transactions into the mined block of the Targetnet may exceed the time spent on the mining of the height-range number of blocks.

Anchoring authorization parameters

  • type - authorization type for anchoring. api-key - api-key-hash authorization , auth-service - authorization by a special security token.

For authorization by api-key-hash necessary a current key-value as api-key. For authorization by a special security token you must use a type = "auth-service" and comment config-file structure values:

  • authorization-token - a constant authorization token.

  • authorization-service-url - URL address authorization service.

  • token-update-interval - data interval for a token refresh.

Targetnet access parameters

A separate keystore.dat file with a key pair for the Targetnet access is generated for the node that will send the anchoring transaction to the Targetnet.

  • targetnet-scheme-byte - the Targetnet network byte.

  • targetnet-node-address - the full node network address including the port number in the Targetnet for the sending of anchoring transactions. The address should be specified along with the connection type (http/https), the port number and the NodeAddress parameter as in the example

  • targetnet-node-recipient-address - the node address in the Targetnet for the recording of anchoring transactions signed with a key pair of this address.

  • targetnet-private-key-password - the node private key password for the anchoring transactions signing.

The network address and the port for the Targetnet/Partnernet networks anchoring can be obtained from Waves Enterprise technical support staff. If multiple private blockchains with mutual anchoring are used, you should use the appropriate private network settings.

Parameters of key pair file for the Targetnet anchoring transactions signing, wallet unit

  • file - a file name and a path to the key pair file for the Targetnet anchoring transactions signing. The file is located on the private network node.

  • password - a password of the key pair file.

Fee parameters

  • targetnet-fee - the fee for the anchoring transaction issue in the Targetnet.

  • sidechain-fee - the fee for the anchoring transaction issue in the private blockchain.