Connection of the node to the “Waves Enterprise Mainnet”


The account balance must be at least 50,000 WEST if you want to connect your node to the network “Waves Enterprise Mainnet” and do mining! Information about the generating balance in the Mainnet network is updated once every 1000 blocks, mining will only be available after the generating balance is updated.

Follow these steps for the node connection to the “Waves Enterprise Mainnet”:

  1. Go to the Waves Enterprise website and create an account following the web-interface hints.

  2. Transfer tokens to the “Waves Enterprise Mainnet” network.

  3. Transfer for leasing any number of tokens to the 3NrKDuHjUG7vSCiMMD259msBKcPRm4MvaJu address and keep the transaction ID. Further you can withdraw tokens from the lease, because this operation is necessary to verify your ownership of this address and the balance.

  4. Deploy a single node.

  5. Go to the Waves Enterprise support website and perform the registration.

  6. Select the type of request “Participant connection” for legal or natural person.

  7. Register on the resource by filling in all the required fields of the form. If you want to mine, check the box Please grant mining rights.

  8. Enter the transaction ID of the token lease transfer in the Proof of WEST token ownership field.

  9. Please, wait for the connection application consideration. You can start working in the “Waves Enterprise Mainnet” after successful registration.

  10. Run the node after obtaining permission and getting a license to connect to the network “Waves Enterprise Mainnet”, public key of which you specified in the application.

  11. Transfer or lease tokens to the address of the connected node for the mining and work in the network.