Changes in the node configuration file

This section provides information to help you identify changes in the configuration file depending on the node version.


If you are updating a node version, you must also update the node configuration file. The node will not run without updating the configuration file!

Changes in the node configuration file of the 1.5.0 version

Due to realization of the CFT consensus algorithm and the sender role, the following sections of the node configuration file have been changed:

Blockchain section

The cft consensus type has been added for the consensus block, as well as two parameters needed for validation of blocks:

  • max-validators - maximal number of validators defined for a definite voting round.

  • finalization-timeout - time period, during which a miner waits for finalization of the last block (in seconds).

Genesis section

  • For explicit definition of a genesis version being in use, the version parameter has been added. The version 1 is configured by default, the version 2 is used for enabling of the sender role.

  • The sender-role-enabled parameter has been added for enabling of the sender role. In order to enable the role, type true as the parameter value, for desabling type false.


The sender role is defined in the genesis block. That is why it will work only for new networks built on the platform version not earlier than 1.5.0.

Changes in the node configuration file of the 1.4.0 version

The database for storing the state inside the node has changed, now RockDB is used instead of LevelDB. If you upgrade to release 1.4.0, you can’t roll back. Database migration occurs automatically when switching to release 1.4.0 and may take a long time. If you have several nodes in the network, then the nodes must be updated strictly sequentially! It is recommended to make a backup copy of the old database.

api section

The rest-api section was renamed to the api section. The section now includes settings for the REST API and gRPC interface.

privacy section

The following changes were added to the section:

  • The cleaner block was added

  • S3 Minio option was added for the data storage

Changes in the node configuration file of the 1.2.2 version

Blockchain section

The Mainnet blockchain section needs to be changed instead of full settings to this one:

blockchain.type = MAINNET


If the node, which is connected to the Mainnet, has old blockchain section settings, it will fork!

The blockchain section corresponds to individual settings in all other cases.

Changes in the node configuration file of the 1.2.0 version

docker-engine section

In the section docker-engine added parameter grpc-server, responsible for setting up gRPC server to work docker contracts with gRPC API:

grpc-server {
  # gRPC server port
  port = 6865
  # Optional node host
  # host = “”

Changes in the node configuration file for earlier versions

Node version 1.1.2

Node version 1.1.0