Installation and usage of the platform

Deploying a platform with connection to Mainnet

In this platform deployment option, all of your transactions will be sent to the Mainnet, Waves Enterprise’s core network. When working with the Mainnet, there are fees in WEST for each transaction.

To connect to Mainnet, you only need to install one node.

In case you need to deploy a network of multiple nodes with connection to the Mainnet, contact the technical support service.

A Mainnet license is granted free of charge for 1 year to anyone who meets the conditions for connection. When the one year period expires, the node holder must request a new license.

Account creation, token transfer and confirming transaction

Before deploying the node software, create a WE account using the client. Then perform the following steps:

  1. In the client, create a blockchain address using the Address not selected button in the upper right corner of the application, or using the Create address button in the Tokens tab. Don’t forget to write down or remember the seed phrase! With its help, you will always be able to restore access to your address in case of losing your credentials. After creating the address, click the Use address button.

  2. Transfer to the created address an amount in WEST that exceeds the generating balance. To do this, go to the Tokens tab of the client and click the Add tokens via Waves Exchange button. Copy your blockchain address, and then follow the prompts of the exchange service to purchase WEST.

  3. Lease any number of WEST tokens to 3NrKDuHjUG7vSCiMMD259msBKcPRm4MvaJu and save the identifier for this transaction: it will be used to confirm your balance and ownership of your blockchain address. Since tokens are leased to this address, you will be able to revoke them at any time in the future.

Node deployment

Check out the system requirements for the blockchain platform.

After successful transfer of tokens, deploy the node:

  1. Create a working directory and place in it the docker-compose.yml file. You can download this file from the official Waves Enterprise repository on GitHub with the latest platform release or in the terminal using the wget utility:

  1. Download the file mainnet.conf file from the official GitHub repository of Waves Enterprise, selecting the current version of the platform. Then rename it to private_network.conf and place it in the root of the working directory.

  2. Deploy your node:

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/config-manager/output/ wavesenterprise/config-manager:v1.12.1

After deploying the node, all generated addresses and passwords will be stored in the credentials.txt file in the working directory.

Node connection to the Mainnet

  1. Go to the Waves Enterprise Technical Support site and register.

  2. Create a Participant Connection application for an entity or individual.

  3. Fill in all the required fields of the form, in particular, the public key of the node to be connected. If you plan to mine on Mainnet, check the box I ask for mining rights.

  4. In the Confirmation of WEST token ownership field, enter the ID of the transaction by which you leased the tokens to 3NrKDuHjUG7vSCiMMD259msBKcPRm4MvaJu.

  5. Wait for the application review and confirmation of successful registration, and then start the node whose public key you specified in the connection request:

docker-compose up -d node-0

After starting the container, the REST API of the node will be available at http://localhost:6862. To stop your node, run the command docker-compose down.

  1. To perform mining and send transactions, transfer 50,000 WEST or more to the address of the connected node.


To view the status of your Mainnet license, use the GET /licenses/status request to the node.

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