Waves Enterprise blockchain platform Documentation

The Waves Enterprise blockchain platform is a comprehensive distributed ledger system that allows the formation of both public and private blockchain networks to solve various tasks, including those in the corporate and public sectors.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a continuous consequent chain of linked blocks that contain some information. This chain is replenished with new blocks. The process of new blocks creation is called mining. Each block contains a hash sum of the previous block data. This makes it impossible to change the content of any block after its broadcasting in the network, because it requires modification of all chain blocks at all the nodes of the blockchain.

At the corporate level, the blockchain technology is used for development of distributed ledger systems. A distributed ledger system does not have a unified control center, its data are stored simultaneously at all nodes of a network. In order to update data, consensus algorithms are used that automatically confirm that all network nodes have the same data copy.

Such a system provides security of transferred data and resolves the problem of trust between the network participants.

What is the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform designed for?

The Waves Enterprise blockchain platform allows to perform a wide range of business and public tasks:

  • Workflow speed-up due to authomatization of business processes and lower number of mediators.

  • Protection of data from external modification with the use of encryption and multi-level check of every operation within the network.

  • Business applications of any complexity due to wide opportunities of smart contract development and comfortable blockchain integration tools.

  • Achievement of mutual trust between participant of business workflow due to guaranteed acceptance of majority opinion in the de-centralized network.

Learn more about private projects based on the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform at our official website.


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