Installation and usage of the platform

Precise platform configuration: node in the watcher mode

The blockchain node can be configured for operation in the watcher mode.

In this mode, the node functions as follows:

  • The watcher node does not obtain or send unconfirmed transactions.

  • The watcher node does not create new blocks.

  • The watcher node does not upload or execute smart contracts.

  • The UTX pool of the watcher node does not synchronize with other nodes.

  • The watcher node obtains data of microblocks, blocks and transactions for updating its state.

This mode allows to create nodes that are able to obtain the actual blockchain state, but do not participate in mining and do not overflow the network with corresponding messages.


To set the node in the watcher mode, change the mode parameter in the section of the configuration file:

node {
  network {
    # ENUM: default or watcher
    mode = default
  • default - the standard operational mode;

  • watcher - the watcher mode.

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