Access managing

The Waves Enterprise Blockchain Platform implements a closed blockchain model where the addition of new participants is controlled by an individual user with authority. The closed model also supports the restriction for the data access for all participants. This model offers increased security compared to open blockchains and added flexibility in configuring access levels and distribution of rights.

Only a user with the “Connection Manager” role can add new participants to the Waves Enterprise blockchain. The 111 RegisterNode transaction is used to connect a new node to the network. This transaction contains the credentials of the connected node. Each node creates and updates the table, which includes all approved network participants.

A handshake-message.


The process of disconnecting a participant from the network is similar to the process of connection, except that the “Connection Manager” user sends the 111 RegisterNode transaction with the "opType": "remove" parameter. Since the handshake request is executed once every 30 seconds, the next request after the participant is removed from the network will be denied, as the connected participant would now lack credentials in the blockchain node table.