gRPC methods of the node

The following protobuf files are used to work with the node through the gRPC interface:

  • blockchain_events_service.proto - methods for tracking of events in the blockchain.

  • contract_status_service.proto - methods for tracking of smart contract state.

  • node_info_service.proto - methods for obaining of information about the node.

  • crypto.proto - methods for work with data encryption.

  • pki.proto - methods of work with the PKI.

These files are available on the GitHub page of the project.

Each protobuf file contains a set of small blocks that include a set of key-value fields.


  • SubscribeOn - subscription on node blockchain events.

Auxiliary files: blockchain_event.proto, subscribe_on_request.proto.

See the additional information on tracking of blockchain events in Tracking of blockchain events via the gRPC interface.


  • ContractExecutionStatuses - obtaining of information on execution of a smart contract according to a transaction ID: successful, not executed, executed with errors.


  • NodeConfig - obtaining of information about configuration of the node.


  • EncryptSeparate - encryption of data separately for each recipient with a unique key.

  • EncryptCommon - encryption with a use of a single CEK for all recipients, CEK is wrapped with unique KEK’s for each participant.

  • Decrypt - data decryption. Decryption is available, if a key of a recipient is in the node keystore.


  • Sign - creation of a separated electronic signature for data transferred in a query.

  • Verify - check of a separated electronic signature for data transferred in a query.