Accounts creation

The user account includes an address and a key pair which consists of public and private keys. The address and public key are shown to the user during account creation on the command line. The private key is written to the keystore.dat.

Key pairs generating

Public and private keys for initial participants are creating by the generator. You can get the last version of the generator on our GitHub page. Before running the utility you need to specify the accounts.conf configuration file which contains parameters for keys creating. During the creation think up and enter a password, then save it for later configuration. The given password will be used at creation of a global variable WE_NODE_OWNER_PASSWORD further. Press enter key if you do not want to use this password. Use the following command to run the generator:

java -jar generators-x.x.x.jar AccountsGeneratorApp accounts.conf

Global variables

We recommend to use a password for the keys pair to increase security. The Waves Enterprise platform supports two ways of the password usage:

  1. Enter the password manually at the each start of the node.

  2. Create global variables in your OS.

If you are using the manual enter the password there is no need to create global variables. But when you are planning to use containers or any similar services to run the node then create the following global variables in the OS for your convenience:

  1. WE_NODE_OWNER_PASSWORD - the keys pair password specified during the key pair creation.

  2. WE_NODE_OWNER_PASSWORD_EMPTY - true or false, specify the true value if you do not want to use the keys pair password, in this case it is not necessary to create the WE_NODE_OWNER_PASSWORD variable. When you are using the password than specify the false value and write into the WE_NODE_OWNER_PASSWORD variable the keys pair password.