Installing and running the platform

Currently we support Unix-like systems (for example, popular Linux distributives and MacOS). However Waves Enterprise platform can be run under the Windows natively in experimental mode. Also you can use Unix virtual machines and the Docker environment for the installation and running the platform under the Windows.

Installation of the platform in the base delivery version assumes that Docker Engine and Docker Compose are installed in the deployment environment.


Make sure that you have a Docker Engine version that supports the docker-compose file format version 3.0 or higher. You can find out more on the official Docker page.

Variants of platform installation

Depending on the Waves Enterprise platform usage scenario, we offer several installation options:

The Waves Enterprise team offers a fully automated deployment mode to familiarize yourself with platform capabilities. n this mode, a blockchain network of three nodes will be installed as well as additional components - authorization service and corporate client. All key pairs used to sign transactions and blocks will be generated randomly. Sandbox mode allows you to test all available options and features of the platform. The network operates up to a height of 30,000 blocks.

It is enough to install one node for the Waves Enterprise Mainnet connection. Full connection procedure is represented in the Connection of the node to the “Waves Enterprise Mainnet” page.

For a full deployment of the blockchain network from N nodes contact our technical support for getting a consultation.

Useful information for installing and operation of the platform

This section also provides such useful topics as: