Connecting a single node to the Mainnet network

Full instructions for the node connection to the Mainnet are provided on the Connection of the node to the “Waves Enterprise Mainnet” page.

  1. Create a working directory and place there the docker-compose.yml file. This file you can download from the official Waves Enterprise GitHub page choosing the latest release.

  2. Put the node configuration file named private_network.conf. You should use the Mainnet configuration file named mainnet.conf from the Waves Enterprise GitHub official page. Please, download it and name it as private_network.conf.

  3. Run the following command and wait execution results:

docker run --rm -ti -v $(pwd):/config-manager/output/ wavesenterprise/config-manager:v1.4.0

After the platform is deployed, all created passwords and addresses are stored in the credentials.txt file, which is located in the working directory.

  1. If you have a license file place it in the working directory/configs/nodes/node-0/license directory, which is creating in the working directory during the node deploy.

  1. Run the command to start the node:

docker-compose up -d node-0

After the container is launched node REST API will be available at http://localhost:6862.


If there are errors, make sure that no other competing containers or programs are running. To display a list of running containers and their status, type docker ps -a. To stop the selected container, enter docker stop [myContainer]. To stop all containers, you can enter docker stop $(docker ps -a -q). The command docker rm [myContainer] will delete the selected one, docker rm $(docker images -a -q) will delete all containers.

To stop running node execute the following command:

docker-compose down