Installation and usage of the platform

Precise platform configuration: snapshot

The node.consensual-snapshot block of the node configuration file is used for configuration of the the snapshot mechanism:

node.consensual-snapshot {
  enable = yes
  snapshot-directory = ${}"/snapshot"
  snapshot-height = 12000000
  wait-blocks-count = 10
  back-off {
    max-retries = 3
    delay = 10m
  consensus-type = CFT

This block includes following parameters:

  • snapshot-directory - directory on a hard drive to save snapshot data. By default, it is the snapshot subdirectory in the directory with node data;

  • snapshot-height - height of the blockchain at which the data snapshot will be created;

  • wait-blocks-count - number of blocks after data snapshot creation is finished, after which the node sends a message to its peers (addresses from the peers list in the node configuration file) that the data snapshot is ready;

  • back-off - settings section for retries to create a data snapshot in case of errors: max-retries - total number of retries; delay - interval between retries (in minutes);

  • consensus-type - consensus type of the genesis block of the new network. Possible values: POA, CFT.

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