Installation and usage of the platform

Connection and removing of nodes

When working in Waves Enterprise Mainnet, member nodes are connected to the network and removed from it :ref:` with the help of Waves Enterprise specialists <mainnet-general>`.

In a private network, the connection and removal of new members is performed after manual configuration and the start of the first node.

Connecting a new node to a private network

To connect a new node, do the following:

  1. Configure the node according to the instructions given in the article Deploying the platform in a private network.

  2. Send the public key of the new node and its description to administrator of your network.

  3. The network administrator (node with the connection-manager permission) uses the received public key and node description when creating a transaction 111 RegisterNode. To register a node, the opType parameter, which defines the type of action to be performed, should be specified as add (add a new node).

  4. The 111 transaction enters the block and then enters the node state of the network participants. Furthermore, each member of the network must store the public key and the address of the new node.

  5. If necessary, the network administrator can add additional roles to the new node with the 102 transaction. For more information about assigning member roles, see the article Participant role assignment.

  6. Start the new node.

Removing node from a private network

To remove a node from the network, the network administrator sends a 111 RegisterNode transaction to the blockchain. In this transaction, he specifies the public key of the node to be removed and the parameter opType: ``remove’’ (remove the node from the network).

After a transaction is published to the blockchain, the node data is removed from the states of all participants.

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