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gRPC: obtaining information about smart contract state

To get node configuration parameters, there is a query ContractExecutionStatuses. The fields of this query are contained in the protobuf file util_contract_status_service.proto.

The ContractExecutionStatuses query requires the tx_id parameter - the transaction ID of the smart contract call whose status information is to be retrieved.

Information about smart contract state

The response to the ContractExecutionStatuses query outputs the following smart contract data:

  • sender - participant who sent the smart contract to the blockchain;

  • tx_id - smart contract call transaction ID;

  • Status - information about execution of the smart contract: 0 - successfully executed (SUCCESS); 1 - executed with an error (ERROR); 2 - not executed (FAILURE);

  • code - code of an error if occured during the execution of the smart contract;

  • message - error message;

  • timestamp - time of the smart contract call;

  • signature - smart contract signature.

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