Installation and usage of the platform

gRPC: obtaining node configuration parameters

To get the node configuration parameters, the method and request NodeConfig is used. This method is packed in the util_node_info_service.proto protobuf file.

The NodeConfig query does not require any additional parameters. The following configuration parameters for the node that was queried are displayed in the response:

  • version - version of the blockchain platform in use;

  • crypto_type - cryptographic algorithm in use;

  • chain_id - identifying byte of the network;

  • consensus - consensus algorithm in use;

  • minimum_fee - minimum transaction fee;

  • minimum_fee - additional transaction fee;

  • max-transactions-in-micro-block - a maximum number of transactions in a microblock;

  • min_micro_block_age - minimum time of microblock existence (in seconds);

  • micro-block-interval - interval between microblocks (in seconds);

  • pos_round info: when using the PoS consensus algorithm, the average_block_delay parameter is displayed (the average block creation delay time, in seconds);

  • poa_round_info: when using the PoA consensus algorithm, the parameters round_duration (block mining round length, in seconds) and sync_duration (block mining synchronization period, in seconds) are displayed.

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