Installation and usage of the platform

REST API methods


Waves Enterprise blockchain platform is phasing out the REST API methods, changing them gradually with gRPC methods. No REST API methods will be developed in new versions of the platform.

The REST API allows users to remotely interact with a node via JSON requests and responses. The API is accessed via the https protocol. The Swagger framework is used as an interface to the REST API.

REST API usage

All REST API method calls are GET, POST or DELETE https queries to the URL, containing appropriate parameter sets. The desired groups of queries can be selected in the Swagger interface by selecting routes - the URLs to individual REST API methods. At the end of each route, there is an endpoint - a method reference.

Example of a UTX pool size query:

Пример запроса

Для использования практически всех методов REST API требуется авторизация по api-key или JWT-токену.

When authorizing by api-key, specify the value of the selected passphrase, and when authorizing by JWT-token - the value of access-token.

At the same time, for methods related to access to the node, only authorization by api-key is provided:

  • access to the keystore of a node (e.g. the sign method);

  • working with private data access groups;

  • access to the node configuration.

If authorization by JWT-token is used, access to these methods will be denied.