Connection of the node to the “ Waves Enterprise Partnernet”

Follow these steps for the node connection to the “Waves Enterprise Partnernet”:

  1. Create the accounts.conf configuration file before the generator start.

  2. Download the current release of the node and generator in the jar format.

  3. Generate a key pair for the connected node using the generator. For your convenience it is recommended to create one key pair for one node, please, specify the number of nodes 1 in the amount field of the accounts.conf configuration file. Enter the node address password during the key pair creation and keep it for the following steps. Press enter key if you do not want to use this password.

  4. Create the node configuration file using the template from the project GitHub. Please, fill all the fields marked with #FILL string. If you want the node to be a miner specify the value yes of the enable parameter of the miner block and request the miner rights inside the connection application. Otherwise specify the no value. Also specify the PostgreSQL DB address as a value of the url parameter of the privacy {storage {}} block.

  5. If you do not want to enter the password each time when node is starting, create the WE_NODE_OWNER_PASSWORD and WE_NODE_OWNER_PASSWORD_EMPTY global variables in your OS.

  6. Go to the website `<>_ and perform the registration.

  7. Select the type of request “Participant connection” for legal or natural person.

  8. Register on the resource by filling in all the required fields of the form. If you want to mine, check the box Please grant mining rights.

  9. Please, wait for the connection application consideration. You can start working in the “Waves Enterprise Partnernet” after successful registration.

  10. Run the node after getting the application approve.