Features overview

Waves Enterprise Blockchain Platform — is a universal solution for scalable digital infrastructures that combines features of public and private blockchain for corporate and government use. The enterprise blockchain platform solves the problem of trust between the parties not at the level of business logic, but at the level of the platform operation protocol. Supported PoS and PoA consensuses guarantee correctness of data added to the blockchain, while decentralization provides counterparty independence in terms of data access.

Blockchain Waves Enterprise

  • Built on Scala programming language.

  • Includes technologies and best use practices of use proven on the Waves public blockchain platform.

  • Adapted for corporate and government use.

  • Supports algorithms of PoS and PoA consensus - you can choose the most fitting one during the network deployment.

  • Ensures high throughput rate.

  • Supports two types of smart contracts: Turing-incomplete RIDE contracts and Turing-complete Docker contracts.

  • Delivered as a set of microservices.

  • Uses cryptographic algorithms certified by state regulators.

  • Supports confidential and direct data exchange via private groups without loading data into external networks.

  • Permission management system implemented at the consensus level.

  • Waves Enterprise web client features transactions explorer, wallet, creation of transactions, smart contract development, blockchain status monitoring, permission management.

Waves Enterprise network deployment options

  1. Operating in the main public network.

  2. Operating in a private network anchored to the main network.

  3. Operating in an independent private network.

Main network

Main network is supported by consortia of companies from various economy sectors including banking, industrial, real estate, logistics, etc. Companies which run main network may be using public blockchain for their projects or for supplying blockchain processes, e.g. banking enterprises delivering fiat gateways and state registrars granting access to cloud GOST-cryptography.

Independent private network

There are cases when company is not ready to share its processes publicly. Waves Enterprise box version allows such companies to deploy a stand-alone private network and configure it in accordance to business needs.

Following features are configurable:

  • Consensus type.

  • Cryptography provider.

  • Number of nodes.

  • Blockchain operating parameters.

Private network with block hashes broadcasted to main network

This solution combines advantages of the preceding concepts and can be relevant for small companies and/or partners of companies supporting main network. Private networking allows concealing private information from public network. Broadcasting of private block hashes into the main network ensures reliability of the broadcasted information due to scalability effect of main network.