Installation and usage of the platform

Licenses of the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform

The commercial version of the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform is intended for use in the corporate and government sectors and is distributed through user licenses.


The opensource version of the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform does not require a license.

The scheme for obtaining a license to use the commercial platform version is as follows:

Scheme of obtaining a WE license

To access and manage the obtained licenses, the License management service is provided. The specifics of working with it are described in the platform installation manuals:

Deploying a platform with connection to Mainnet

Deployment of the platform in a private network

License types

You do not need a license to familiarize yourself with the features of the platform. A detailed description of the functionality of the platform and its installation procedure in the trial mode is given in the article Deploying the platform in the trial mode (Sandbox).

The following types of licenses are available for full use of the platform:

  • Trial License allows you to get acquainted with the platform and technology during the implementation of the partner’s pilot project. It is issued under a contract for the duration of the pilot project, or for the time of development and debugging of the product.

  • Commercial license allows you to use the platform for commercial projects. It is issued for a period determined by the contractual relationship with the partner.

  • Non-commercial license allows you to use the platform in the implementation of projects not aimed at generating profit. The license is issued for a period determined by the contractual relationship with the partner.

  • Mainnet license is a special license that allows you to use the Waves Enterprise Mainnet blockchain network to exchange data and perform partner transactions. When working in the Mainnet, there are fees for the transactions performed. The license is issued free of charge to anyone who has fulfilled the conditions for the connection. The license is valid for one year. After one year, the node owner should request a new license.

Each type of license applies to one node.

To discuss the number of licenses and nodes on your network and other terms of partnership with Waves Enterprise, contact the Waves Enterprise sales team at

License usage

After you receive the license file, follow these steps:

  • If the node is not running, place the license file in the folder whose path is specified in the license-file parameter of the node configuration file.

  • If the node is running, copy the content of the license file and pass it to the node using the POST /licenses/upload API method.

Duration of licenses

The term of the license is negotiated at the conclusion of the contract.

A trial license standard validity period is 3 months.

A Mainnet license is granted for 1 year. When the one year period expires, the node holder must request a new license.

For other projects, the license is issued for any term as agreed upon.

When the license expires, the covered node loses the ability to form new blocks and send new transactions to the network.

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