Installation and usage of the platform

Node update in the Mainnet

With each new release of the platform, we recommend that you update the nodes connected to Waves Enterprise Mainnet. All the users whose nodes are running on the Mainnet receive an email notifying of the node version update. If you haven’t received such an email, contact the technical support team.

In order to update your node, carry out the following:

  1. Download the latest version of the docker-compose.yml file from the official Waves Enterprise repository on GitHub selecting the latest release.

  2. Place the docker-compose.yml file in the working directory of your node, replacing the old file.

  3. If your node is working, stop it:

docker-compose down
  1. After stopping the node, enter the following command:

docker-compose up -d node-0

The first time you start a node, starting from version 1.4.0, the state migrator will automatically start. The migration is performed automatically and takes a few minutes. If the migration is successful, you will see the Migration finished successfully message, and the node will continue to run.


If you do not use Docker Compose, contact the technical support team for the instructions on how to update the node.

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