Installation and usage of the platform

Precise platform configuration: setting the fee for the transactions sent to the blockchain

Waves Enterprise Mainnet users are charged Mainnet transaction fees for each transaction on the blockchain network. On a private blockchain network, you can customize the amount of transaction fees.

In the node.blockchain.fees section of the node configuration file, you can set the minimum (base) and additional fees for each type of transaction. The default fee settings are as follows:

blockchain {

      fees {
        base {
          issue = 1 WEST
          transfer = 0.01 WEST
          reissue = 1 WEST
          burn = 0.05 WEST
          exchange = 0.005 WEST
          lease = 0.01 WEST
          lease-cancel = 0.01 WEST
          create-alias = 1 WEST
          mass-transfer = 0.05 WEST
          data = 0.05 WEST
          set-script = 0.5 WEST
          sponsor-fee = 1 WEST
          set-asset-script = 1 WEST
          permit = 0.01 WEST
          create-contract = 1 WEST
          call-contract = 0.1 WEST
          disable-contract = 0.01 WEST
          update-contract = 1 WEST
          register-node = 0.01 WEST
          create-policy = 1 WEST
          update-policy = 0.5 WEST
          policy-data-hash = 0.05 WEST

        additional {
          mass-transfer = 0.01 WEST
          data = 0.01 WEST


It is not recommended to change the fee while the network is running, especially to reduce them, as this will cause transaction validation problems on the nodes that will validate the state when synchronizing from 0 height (mined transactions will have unacceptably small fees).

Zero fee

If you want to build a network where no fees are charged for sending transactions, assign false to the fees.enabled parameter in the node.blockchain section of the node configuration file.

If the fees.enabled parameter is set to false, the node will be able to send transactions for which the fee is set to 0 to the blockchain. Also, when synchronizing the state the node will recognize as valid the transactions of other nodes, in which the fee field is set to 0.


If the fees.enabled parameter is set to false, then both zero fee and fee greater than zero are allowed in transactions.

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