Installation and usage of the platform

Precise platform configuration: logging

The total logging level in a node is set in the logging-level parameter in the node section of the node configuration file. The specified value will be valid for all the loggers. You can override the logging level for the loggers you list in the node.loggers configuration file section. For example:

node {
  # Application logging level. Could be DEBUG | INFO | WARN | ERROR. Default value is INFO.
  logging-level = DEBUG
  loggers {
       "com.wavesplatform.mining": "TRACE"

You can set the following logging levels:

  • ERROR – error logging;

  • WARN – warning logging;

  • INFO – node events logging; this is the default value;

  • DEBUG – extended information about the events for each running node module: a record of events that occurred and actions performed;

  • TRACE – detailed information about the events of the DEBUG level;

  • ALL – displaying data from all logging levels.


A very detailed logging level on a node can degrade performance, so it is recommended to use the INFO level (at most the DEBUG level) for the node as a whole (logging-level parameter), and configure more detailed logging only for individual loggers.

Log storage

All the node logs are written to the /node/data/log/we.log file on the node. To work with this file, you need to enter the node container.

Logging management

The following REST API methods are provided to manage the logging levels of the node:

List of loggers

Below is a list of loggers available on the node.