Installation and usage of the platform

Node start with a snapshot

In order to change the parameters of a private blockchain without losing the data stored in it, the Waves Enterprise blockchain platform has a snapshot mechanism. For example, the consensus algorithm used in the network can be changed using this mechanism. At the same time, addresses and current balances in the network remain unchanged. Also, when the network is restarted using the created data snapshot, the transaction history is reduced to the current state and, accordingly, the size of the state is reduced.

The snapshot mechanism is configured in the configuration file of the node (see the Precise platform configuration: snapshot).

After creating a snapshot in the private blockchain, you, as the network administrator, can change its parameters and restart it using the data stored in the snapshot.

To do this, carry out the following:

  1. Use the GET /snapshot/status method to make sure that the data snapshot was received by your node and successfully verified;

  2. Use the GET /snapshot/genesis-config method to request the configuration of the new genesis block and save it;

  3. Use the POST /snapshot/swap-state method to replace the current network state with the data snapshot and wait for a successful response;

  4. Prepare the node configuration files to restart:

  • change the genesis block parameters to those obtained in step 2;

  • disable the snapshot mechanism (node.consensual-snapshot.enable = no);

  • if necessary, change the parameters of the blockchain.consensus section of the node configuration file;

  1. Restart the node.

After the node is restarted, a new genesis block of the network will be generated. The network is started with updated parameters and data recorded in the data snapshot.

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