Installation and usage of the platform

Examples of node configuration files


This configuration example:

  • uses the PoA consensus algorithm;

  • uses the second genesis version;

  • enables the sender permission for the network participants (see Permissions);

  • enables mining for three nodes;

  • disables TLS;

  • enables the gRPC and REST API tools without TLS, as well as execution of smart contracts;

  • enables api-key hash authorization for gRPC and REST API;

  • uses privacy methods with a PostgreSQL database for confidential data storage;

  • the function of periodic deletion of invalid transactions from the UTX pool of a non-miner is configured.

  • the delay of checking the UTX pool (whether there are transactions in the pool or it is empty) by the miner is set.

Fields whose values you get when using the generators package or set yourself based on your hardware and software configuration are marked as /FILL/.

Each section is provided with an additional comment.


In this example, Waves Crypto encryption is enabled, the standard network identification byte is used and the keystore node update option for generating 1 key pair is disabled.

Password which you have to enter by yourself is marked as /FILL/.


In this example, Waves encryption is enabled.

Additional examples

For more examples of configuration files with comments, see the official Waves Enterprise GitHub repository.