Installation and usage of the platform

JavaScript SDK

JavaScript SDK is an application integration library for the Waves Enterprise platform. It solves a wide range of tasks related to signing and sending transactions to the blockchain.

JavaScript SDK supports:

  • operation in a browser, as well as in the Node.js environment;

  • signing all types of Waves Enterprise platform transactions;

  • operations with seed phrases: creating a new phrase, creating from an existing phrase, encryption;

  • client implementation of the node crypto/encryptCommon, crypto/encryptSeparate, crypto/decrypt methods.

The JavaScript SDK uses the node REST API methods to work with the blockchain. However, applications written with this library do not interact with the blockchain directly, but sign transactions locally – in a browser or in the Node.js environment. After local signing, the transactions are sent to the network. This way of interaction allows the development of multilayer applications and services that interact with the blockchain.

Data from the application is transmitted and received in json format over the HTTPS protocol.

The general chart of JavaScript SDK operation:

The general chart of JavaScript SDK operation

The JavaScript SDK package, as well as the instructions for installing it, are available at the Waves Enterprise GitHub repository.

JavaScript SDK installation and operation are described in more detail in the following sections:

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