Installation and usage of the platform

REST API: information about activation of the platform features

GET /activation/status

The method returns the activation status of features.

For more information about the activation process, see the article soft-forks.

The method response contains following common fields:

  • height – height of the blockchain;

  • votingInterval – activation voting interval;

  • votingThreshold

  • nextCheck

Next, the features array is output, containing information on each individual feature:

  • id – feature identifier;

  • description – feature description;

  • blockchainStatus – feature activation status in the blockchain:

    • UNDEFINED – the feature is not activated, voting for it was not carried out;

    • APPROVED – voting for the functionality is done, the activation will be done at the set blockchain height;

    • ACTIVATED – the feature is activated;

  • nodeStatus – the status of a feature on the member’s node:

    • VOTED – the node has voted to activate the functionality;

    • NOT IMPLEMENTED – the functionality is not running on the node;

    • IMPLEMENTED – the functionality is running on the node;

  • activationHeight – the height of the blockchain at which the feature is activated.

Response example: