Technical description of the platform

Data service: manual configuration

The data service has the pre-set environment parameters that you can use for setting up its operation:

Authorization configuration

  • VOSTOK_AUTH_SERVICE_ADDRESS - authorization service address in a private network;

  • VOSTOK_AUTH_SERVICE_TOKEN - token of a current authorization service;

Anchoring configuration

  • ANCHORING_ENABLED - anchoring enabling and disabling (true / false);

  • ANCHORING_NODE_ADDRESS - adress of a node in a current network with enabled anchoring;

  • TARGET_AUTH_SERVICE_ADDRESS - address of an auth service of the network, which will receive anchoring data;

  • TARGET_AUTH_SERVICE_TOKEN - token of an authorization service in a network, which will receive anchoring data;

  • ANCHORING_POLLING_INTERVAL - time interval between anchoring rounds (in milliseconds);

  • ANCHORING_BATCH_SIZE - number of transactions that are compared by a node in each anchoring round.

Node address configuration

VOSTOK_NODE_ADDRESS - address of a node in a current network.

Database configuration

  • POSTGRES_HOST - database host address;

  • POSTGRES_DB - database name;

  • POSTGRES_USER - database user name;

  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD - database password;

  • POSTGRES_PORT - database port;

  • POSTGRES_ENABLE_SSL - enabling and disabling of encryption for exchange of data with a database (true / false);

  • POSTGRES_SSL_CERT_FILE_PATH - path to a signed database SSL certificate.

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